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We are very excited with the possibility that you are joining the District No. 9 Welfare Trust.  Founded in 1949, we take pride in the individualized attention that we give to all of our members.  We are not an insurance company, but rather a trust fund created by the Trustees with the sole purpose of servicing our members. Our office is located in Bridgeton, Missouri. Our staff consists entirely of proud Union members.

Network Providers Medical

Using a network contracted provider will give you the best benefit with the least amount of money out of your pocket. The East Alton, Illinois and surrounding areas have a large selection of Healthlink providers. To find a contracted provider online refer to the below instructions.

Locating a Healthlink Provider NEW

Healthlink Providers -Plan reimburses at 90% (HMO – Tier 1) or 80% (PPO – Tier 2) of eligible charges after deductible is met. If you choose to use an Out-of-Network provider this plan reimburses 60% of the allowed amount and you may owe excess charges.

Pharmacy Benefits

LDI has an extensive pharmacy network including Walgreens, CVS, Target, Schnucks, Dierbergs, Shop N Save and many other.

Diabetic Supply At No Cost

Mail Order Prescription Form

Documents and Forms

Summary Plan Description (SPD)

  • This Summary Plan Description describes the major medical, dental, vision, life insurance, and weekly income benefits provided by the Welfare Plan. Please check your collective bargaining agreement or call the Fund Office to determine the benefits you and your dependents are eligible for.

Summary of Benefits and Coverage (SBC)

  • This document provides a general description of the health benefits provided by the Plan. SBC’s are required by the Affordable Care Act (ACA). The federal government developed the SBC from primarily to help people who will be shopping for individual coverage in the health care exchange. They are designed so that individuals can compare “apples to apples” when comparing plans. For that reason, we were not allowed to customize much of the SBC. Fortunately, you have coverage based on a Collective Bargaining Agreement between your employer(s) and your union and don’t need to shop for coverage.

Summary of Material Modifications (SMM)

  • This summary only provides information regarding the changes that have been made to the Plan and does not provide all of the information that may be relevant to a particular provision. For more information concerning the provisions addressed by this summary, you should consult your SPD booklet and previous summaries of material modification.

You need Adobe Acrobat Reader to open these forms. Please visit to download.

Enrollment Form with Required Documents List

  • Every eligible member must complete an Enrollment Form in order to activate their eligibility for benefits. A new form must be completed to add dependents to a plan.

Adult Child Form

  • Each adult child must complete this form upon attaining age 19 or when first enrolled in the plan and each calendar year thereafter.

Disability Claim Form

  • Members can use this form to file for weekly income benefits if you become disabled

LDI Mail Order Drug Form

  • After you have filled two consecutive 30-day fills of a prescription at a retail pharmacy you may take advantage of the mail order program on your long-term maintenance drugs.

Notice of Privacy Practices

  • In compliance with HIPAA, this Notice describes your rights concerneing your health information and describes our practices related to your health information. Please take the time to review this Notice carefully.

Authorization to Release Health Information

  • One of the most significant effects of the privacy laws is that the Welfare Fund may no longer discuss your health information (including eligibility information) with your family members without your specific written authorization. Please have each family member that is 18 years old and over complete an authorization.

Revocation of Authorization to Release Health Information

  • Use this form to deny any previously authorized representative access to your information.

Change of Address

  • Use this to notify the Fund’s of your new address.

Incapacitated Child Form

  • Required documentation to determine if eligible for continued coverage beyond the limiting age.

Appeal Request Form

  • Use this form to appeal a claim that has been wholly or partially denied.