Elkhart Product Corporation

District No. 9 Welfare Trust would like to welcome the employees and their families of Elkhart Products Corporation. To ease in the transition to our plan, we have created this page which contains network directories, forms, summaries and plan documents. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our goal to is assist our membership in any way we can.

Network Providers Medical

Using a network contracted provider will give you the best benefit with the least amount of money out of your pocket. If the provider you go to is not contracted with Healthlink OA III, PHCS would be the alternate network to use. If you need to find a Healthlink or PHCS provider, click below for instructions.

Locating a Healthlink Provider NEW

Locating a PHCS Provider NEW

Healthlink Providers -Plan reimburses at 85% (HMO) or 75% (PPO) of eligible charges after deductible is met.

Providers in Columbus Ohio – Healthlink

Providers in Elkhart Indiana – Healthlink

Providers in Fort Wayne Indiana – Healthlink

PHCS Providers – Plan reimburses at 75% of eligible charges after the deductible is met.

Providers in Elkhart Indiana – PHCS

Providers in Zip Code 49031 – PHCS

Providers in Zip Code 49099 – PHCS

Vision Service Plan (VSP)

To get the best benefit, we encourage the use of a VSP contracted provider. To find a VSP provider, visit vsp.com.

Vision Service Plan (VSP) Summary

Vision (VSP) Providers in Elkhart Indiana


Dental Benefits

This plan has no dental network; meaning you can go to any dental provider for services. The provider will send us the bill and we will reimburse the benefits under the plan.

D9A Dental Summary

Pharmacy Benefits

LDI Pharmacy Network in Elkhart Indiana and Surrounding Area

Diabetic Supply At No Cost

Mail Order Prescription Form

Additional Forms

Adult Child Form – Each adult child must complete this form upon attaining age 19 or when first enrolled in the plan and each calendar year thereafter.

Change of Address Form – Use this to notify the Fund’s of your new address.

Disability Claim Form – Members can use this form to file for weekly income benefits if you become disabled.

Enrollment Form with Required Documents List– Every eligible member must complete an Enrollment Form in order to activate their eligibility for benefits. A new form must be completed to add dependents to a plan.

HIPAA Authorization Form– One of the most significant effects of the privacy laws is that the Welfare Fund may no longer discuss your health information (including eligibility information) with your family members without your specific written authorization. Please have each family member that is 18 years old and over complete an authorization.